Recruitment Process Frequently Asked Questions

How do I complete the online application form?

To make applying for a role easier, you can complete our application form section by section, with the freedom to return to it later, using your log in details and password. Once you have completed all the sections you can submit your application. All applications for external roles must be made on line via our website.

Visit our online job application website

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How do I make my application stand out?

First impressions count, this is your opportunity to sell yourself. The person reading your application does not know you, so please provide as much information as possible which you feel is relevant to the position you are applying for. Your application form will determine whether you will be progressed to the next stage in the recruitment process.

Please invest time in your application form. Before you submit your application form please:

  • Proof read your application
  • Put yourself in the role of Recruiting Manager and consider if you have answered the questions in full
  • Spell check your application
  • Check you have answered all the questions
  • At the end of each section of the form you need to click the 'save' or 'update' button to save your details.

Please note that once your form is submitted you can only amend your contact details.

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What happens to my application once it has been submitted?

Once you have submitted your application on line you will receive an email confirming that it has been received.

Once the vacancy has closed the Recruiting Manager will carry out a shortlisting exercise for the role. This may take up to three to four weeks.

We will contact you by email regarding your application every step of the way to advise whether you have progressed to the next stage. Rest assured you will be contacted even if your application has not been successful.

If your application is successful you will be invited to attend one of our Recruitment Events.

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What's involved in the Recruitment Event?

Depending on the role, the Recruitment Event may be an interview, selection event, or a series of initial psychometric assessments. These will usually take place at the location where the role would be based. Sometimes Recruitment Events will be merged with other locations throughout the Northern network, so a central location may be used. If you are progressed to this stage you will be given all the tools you need to prepare and details of what to expect on the day.

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Approaching the Recruitment Event

Putting your best foot forward

Good preparation is by far the best way to eliminate interview nerves. We want to see what you are capable of and whether you would be suited to the position. Following these simple guidelines will help you give the best possible account of yourself on the day:

  • Research the position and list the skills and experiences being sought. Review your own background and think of specific examples that match them.
  • Learn as much as you can about the company. Our website is a good place to start. Keep an eye on national newspapers and the business press.
  • Prepare a list of questions. You should think about these carefully as they will help you to assess whether the role, and our company, is right for you.
  • Remember to engage with the interviewer. Take your time if needed to answer questions fully and pay attention throughout.
  • Practice talking through your examples before the day. It will give you confidence and make you feel more at ease.
  • Try and relax and finally, be yourself!

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What happens after the Recruitment Event?

If you are successful at a recruitment event you will be contacted within seven days and invited to the next stage of the recruitment process. For some roles this may involve a series of psychometric assessments. For most other roles you would be invited to a medical (including a drugs and alcohol test) and we will approach your previous employers for a reference before any offer of employment.

If you are unsuccessful at a recruitment event you will be contacted via email within seven days and unfortunately this will be the end of your application

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Why do I need a medical?

Northern has a very strict alcohol and drugs policy which must be adhered to at all times. All applicants must go through this process before an offer of employment can be given.

Roles which are of a safety critical nature will need to have a thorough examination to ensure that they are fit enough to do their job as well as their eyesight and hearing is to the relevant standard.

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I wear glasses. Can I still apply?

Yes. Although you must attain the relevant standard for the role with and without your glasses.

How will I receive information about the progress of my application?

All correspondence will be sent to the e-mail address you have supplied on your application form.

Finally, good luck!

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