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Trainee Driver Interview

Hello my name is Maria

I have only been working as a Trainee Driver for the past 8 weeks. Before I was promoted to this role I was a Conductor with Northern.

I still have a lot of training to do as it takes a long time to be fully competent to be a Driver. So far most of my training has been in this classroom finding out about units, signals, signage, fault finding, there is a lot to learn! Its hard work, you have to put the effort in to get the rewards.

The training is pretty intensive at times, you really have to concentrate and take it all in. During training there is some work to do at home too, there is not much time to put your feet up! I am really looking forward to being fully qualified and driving trains properly.

I have also learned about the braking systems, how the train engine functions, I just love learning about the role its so interesting.

I have really settled in at Northern, I was a Conductor for just over a year so I’m still quite a new employee, I have done really well to get a promotion.

There are some down sides to the role, I do miss out sometimes when my friends are going out socialising but then it’s balanced out with the time off that I do get, sometimes a few days at a time.

The shifts are sometimes hard, getting up when its dark is not easy but once you are at work you are ok and ready for the working day! I am so excited about learning more about the role; it’s a lot of hard work but well worth it.

One added bonus is that we get to see some lovely sights when travelling on the train. My favourite view is the sun rising over the Humber Bridge- there is nothing like it.