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Train Driver

So you are interested in being a Train Driver?

Being a Train Driver is a critical job, you will be responsible for the transportation of our customers. It's your job to make sure they reach their destination in a safe manner and on time. Whether our customers are travelling to work, going shopping, or going on holiday, you play a major part in getting our customers to where they want to be!

Minimum role requirements

  • You must not have defective colour vision
  • You must be willing to work irregular and unsociable shift patterns
  • You must live within a 60 minute commutable distance from the location you are applying for
  • You must be aged between 20 and 62 years

Concentration, decision-making and the ability to follow rules and procedures have to be your greatest strengths. You must also like your own company and be self-motivated as a lot of the time you will be on your own driving the train.

When you are not driving the train you are still providing a service to our customers, whether that is helping them with their enquiry or directing them to another train. So you'll need to be a great communicator, with a respectful and supportive attitude.

Unfortunately from time to time every day does not run smoothly. If there is a delay to your train and there is something you can do about it, we will expect that with the help of your colleagues you approach the problem in a structured, logical way.

Because we provide a transport service to the public, it's not a 9-5 job. We need you to be able to deal with the varying shift patterns that can start at any time of day/night plus also work weekends too. The working week averages 35 hours, but some weeks you will work more and some weeks you will work less than 35 hours.

Don't under estimate how big this job is, as well as the responsibilities of the job, we also expect that you have a friendly, positive attitude!

Still interested?

As this is such a key role, there is an extensive, intensive 9-12 month training programme (depending on location). The training is a mixture of classroom and location based. Due to the nature of the role you must be medically fit too.

How to apply

Taking everything into consideration, if you believe you have the right attitude, characteristics and experience to be a Train Driver, then please register your interest through our vacancy alert system or check the current vacancies to see if there are any positions near where you live.

Please register your interest through our vacancy alert system through our online candidate management system.

Interview with a Northern Trainee Driver


Hello my name is Maria
I have only been working as a Trainee Driver for the past 8 weeks. Before I was promoted to this role I was a Conductor with Northern. I still have a lot of training to do as it takes a long time to be fully competent to be a Driver...

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