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Monthly Performance Figures

Monthly Performance Figures

Train performance

Since the beginning of our franchise we've seen a steady rise in our performance from 84% to over 91% and as a result an extra 13,000 passengers now arrive at their destination on time everyday. In 2010 our consistently improving performance helped us win an automatic extension to our franchise.

We will continue to aim for improved standards of punctuality and reliability and publish our reliability and punctuality figures for the previous four weeks and year at all staffed stations every four weeks. Our reliability commitment requires us to operate at least 99% of services. Our punctuality standards are that at least 91 out of every 100 trains (91%) will arrive at their final destination on time*.

What is PPM?

Public Performance Measure (PPM) is the performance measurement for UK railways. PPM takes into account cancellations and all causes of delays and combines figures for punctuality and reliability into a single performance measure. To achieve PPM, a train must:

  • complete its full scheduled journey
  • make all of its scheduled station stops
  • arrive at its final destination on time or within five minutes of the time shown in our timetables: Northern services are measured against five minutes compared with long distance operators where the allowance is doubled to ten minutes.

PPM is measured:

  • for every passenger train, 7 days a week; no train is excluded even if the cause of delay is outside our control
  • against the public advertised timetable
  • PPM monitors the performance of individual trains, the various service groups that our trains are organised into, and the network as a whole.

Performance may vary from one month to another and so we are required to report our PPM as a Moving Annual Average (MAA) which is the average calculated performance over the previous 13 periods.

Our current PPM is 89.05%

How Northern's trains have run for the 4 weeks up to 9 January 2016

Northern operated 54052 train services, 50278 of these were on time.*

Unfortunately things don't always go to plan. The following incidents caused significant delay and cancellation:

  • 15 December landslide: Armathwaite
  • 27 December flooding: Dalston
  • 27 December landslide: Chorley
  • 27 December flooding: Todmorden
  • 5 January speed restriction due to landslide: Hexham
  • 7 January landslide: Hexham

This period the weather has had a significant impact on the network, resulting in 13,914 minutes delay and181 cancellations to Northern customers, the majority of this disruption occurred between 27 December and 28 December.

Our Passenger's Charter figures differ slightly from the Public Performance Measure (PPM). Certain causes of delay that are outside of our control and are not included when calculating punctuality and reliability performance for compensation purposes. These include vandalism, security alerts, and exceptionally severe weather conditions where no special pre-advertised emergency timetable has been in operation. In addition Sundays are not included for the purpose of calculating punctuality and reliability performance for our Passenger's Charter.

NO Season Ticket Discounts apply between: 17 January 2016 - 13 February 2016

All our Service Groups exceed the levels required.

* The number of trains arriving within five or 10 minutes of the time shown in our timetables as detailed in our charter.

Previous Performance Figures

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Download the Northern Rail Passenger's Charter PDF:
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