Passenger's Charter

Each Train Operating Company (TOC) is required to produce a Passengers' Charter that sets out the commitments that it makes to its customers.

This Charter is a statement of our commitment to provide the safe and high-quality service you have the right to expect. We publish it so that you know the standards we are determined to achieve.

The Passenger's Charter includes:

  • a statement from Northern of its intentions
  • standards of service covering punctuality and reliability
  • what passengers can expect - for example on telephone enquiries and booking services, reservations, availability of catering, provision for passengers with disabilities
  • what passengers can expect if things go wrong
  • compensation arrangements for single/return and weekly season ticket holders for one-off delays or for monthly or longer season ticket holders if performance drops below the expected standards
  • a list of contacts for passenger complaints and comment
Download the Northern Rail Passenger's Charter PDF:
download northern passenger charter pdf

Northern Rail Passenger's Charter (2MB)

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to read this document.