Northern Rail mobile app

Northern Rail Mobile app

Get good vibrations with the Northern Rail app!

You can now buy train tickets on your smartphone anytime, anywhere with the free Northern Rail mobile app.

Check your train times and fares for any train journey in Great Britain, and buy tickets securely on our app with no booking or credit/debit card fees.

Collect your tickets within 5 minutes from ticket machines at over 1,000 stations, or if you’ve selected the new m-tickets delivery option*, just show your smart phone to the conductor on the train. #appydays

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* Selected ticket types and routes only.

Mobile tickets from Northern Rail

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Get the buzz when you buy a ticket on our app and have it sent straight to your smartphone

Your tickets are simply delivered straight to the ticket wallet in the Northern app.  Now, that's handy!

How do I purchase an m-ticket?

  1. Download the Northern Rail app
  2. Plan your journey and select 'Mobile' as the delivery option
  3. Proceed to securely pay for your train tickets

Your m-ticket will be delivered directly to the ticket wallet in the Northern app within 5 minutes.

What does an m-ticket look like?

The image on the right is an example of an m-ticket.

A valid ticket will have a scrolling time band, with the time moving left and right in a multi-coloured box.

When you're ready to travel, simply activate the ticket and show it to staff like you would a printed ticket.

When you have your m-ticket you don't need Wi-Fi or a 3G signal to be able to display or activate your ticket, meaning you’ll never have to worry about not having a mobile signal, just make sure your phone is charged!

Which routes are m-tickets available on?

M-tickets are currently available on a select number of Northern Rail routes and ticket types. The volume of routes will be expanded over the coming months to include a more comprehensive coverage of the Northern Rail network.

Choose a station below to see where m-tickets are available to:


When should I activate my m-ticket?

You should activate your m-ticket before you board the train. Your ticket is not valid until activated. Once your m-ticket is activated your ticket will expire after 04:30 the following day.

What if my phone has run out of battery?

As with any rail ticket, it is your responsibility to ensure you can present a valid ticket when requested to do so.

Can m-tickets be sent to another device?

M-tickets can only exist on one device at a time. They cannot be 'sent' from one device to another.

How do I get through ticket gates with an m-ticket?

Some gatelines will be able to accept barcode tickets for scanning. Where they do not, you should seek assistance from gateline staff at the station.