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Ticket Information

A full range of tickets are available from the ticket office at Northern Rail stations or are also available online from this website. Seat reservations, where available, can be made from the ticket offices of larger stations. Tickets can be purchased by cash, most major debit and credit cards, Rail Warrants and Travel Vouchers. Please note Electron cards cannot be used for payment on board our trains. All Northern Rail services have standard class accommodation only.

Buying tickets from this website

Northern Rail now sells tickets direct from this website. Simply use the panel labelled "Train Tickets & Times" on the right hand side of all pages of the website to begin the ticket buying process.

For further information about our online ticket sales please visit one of the following pages:

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Journey Planner

If you don't need to buy tickets online - our journey planner is still available for you to plan journeys. Simply visit our journey planner in order to plan a journey.